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#EMOTIONALBANGERS (a look @ a decade of power ballads + the electro ghazal)

nefertiti asked:
i've been meaning to say how touched i am by how warm, supportive, + receptive you've been to me! ;_; @ how you check my blog and like/reblog my posts regularly, it makes me smile every time - i check your blog almost everyday too! and from that i've ascertained that you don't only have impressive taste in art n music, but extensive taste in film too??? not to mention u must be really smart irl, having a big degree + important job now! :o i'm so happy to hear you've been doing well lately! xo

thank you so much Nel, i feel the same way about you too!! ;___; i think I’ve told u this before but I’m saying it again- you are one of my favorite people on here. ur so sincere, kind n approachable. I’m so happy every time I see ur posts n your messages :’),  you just made my whole day! omg im going to post this to show everyone how sweet n amazing u are. 



Mogari no Mori / The Mourning Forest (Naomi Kawase, 2007)


J Dilla


J Dilla

Fuck The Police - J Dilla
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J Dilla - Fuck The Police

“Indian Country” was/is the term used in Viet Nam, Afghanistan, Iraq by the U.S. military for ‘enemy territory’. The first Black American President said without blinking, “There was a point before folks had left, before we had gotten everybody back on the helicopter and were flying back to base, where they said Geronimo has been killed, and Geronimo was the code name for bin Laden.” Elmer Pratt, Black Panther leader, falsely imprisoned for 27 years, was a Vietnam Veteran, was nicknamed ‘Geronimo’. Geronimo is settler nickname for the Bedonkohe Apache warrior who fought Mexican and then U.S. expansion into Apache tribal lands. The Colt .45 was perfected to kill Indigenous people during the ‘liberation’ of what became the Philippines, but it was first invented for the ‘Indian Wars’ in North America alongside The Hotchkiss Canon- a gattling gun that shot canonballs. The technologies of the permanent settler war are reserviced for foreign wars, including boarding schools, colonial schools, urban schools run by military personnel.
It is properly called Indian Country.
— Eve Tuck and K. Wayne Yang, Decolonization is not a metaphor (via vul-va)


As Tears Go By (Wong Kar Wai 1988)

but at the same time Pakistani and Bangladeshi friends are super cool like idk why. maybe Indian and Nepali cultures are similar, many Nepalis are Hindus n Buddhists and Indian Hindus are entitled pieces of shit or something?

I’ve noticed anytime Nepali ppl bring their Indian friend (who isn’t of any Nepali ethnicity) to a Nepali event they’re like side eyeing every single shit. like they really have this superiority complex going on and u can see it on their faces like. this lady that was at a teej event last week was like complaining about the food n everything.. i wanted to throw the sel roti at bitch’s face like what the fuck. Indians are too much.


Flowers - J Dilla
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Kali Salwaar, The Black Garment (2002)

Perhaps cinematography is the best form to show the unfolding of Destiny. Destiny, not as predetermined fate; but as it is getting made-as an unfolding of time and events within time. It gets made as people meet and exchange- a few words, or a look, or money. Seemingly inconsequential encounters change you forever and each time. In Kali Salwaar I try to come close to this pulse of random movement and imperceptible ‘happening’.

In scripting this feature length film the attempt was to flesh out the stark form of the short story (on which the film is based) by the selection and integration of events that would evoke the sense of ambiguity, humour and wonder that abounds in the everyday world of the seamy side of the metropolis of Bombay. The events are the occurrences of the ‘bazaar’ and concern common men and women-prostitutes, pimps, gangsters, drunks and artists who inhabit and work within these market places.

The sequencing of events in and around Sultana’s life and the inter-relationships of people, situations, objects and gestures that infuse the film follows a ‘logic’ as fluid as money-but infinitely more mysterious. One enters into a playful relationship with the narrative and ‘reality’ by referring to traditions of poetry, cinema, painting and music while drawing on popular idioms as well.

Fareeda Mehta

Love is a decision, it is a judgment, it is a promise. If love were only a feeling, there would be no basis for the promise to love each other forever. A feeling comes and it may go. How can I judge that it will stay forever, when my act does not involve judgment and decision.
— Erich Fromm (via vul-va)

sapanaa ur too sweet, n i don’t have time these days to draw but i posted like few quick sketches before. its  here


My first “a-ha” political moment was when i was like 13 and watched the Iraq war protest live stream on C-Span lol


Ashes of Time (Redux) (2008) by Wong Kar-Wai